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Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd
The company address:Shandong zhaoyuan ZhaiLi Village Jin Ling town
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Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd

The twin towers,The only fan industryAShares listed companies,Adhering to the“Filar silk”Brand concept,Dedicated to ecological agriculture
The circular economy,For each family、A healthy diet。

The birthplace of the twin towers food is located in longkou vermicelli and producers-Zhaoyuan city of shandong province,Is currently the world's leading fan、Pea starch、Pea protein production and sales enterprises。Cover an area of an area2000m,Annual sales revenue19One hundred million yuan。Longkou vermicelli production base、Pea protein production base、Pea starch production base,The company has formed the longkou vermicelli、Pea protein、Pea starch、Dietary fiber、Edible fungus、Biological gas diversified product development pattern。

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Fan series

The twin towers,High quality benchmark fan industry,Six generations of originality process,Attentively complete fan,Don't adulteration,Not at all
A false,To provide high quality health products,Do consumers life of fan。

Pea protein series

All adopt the non-gm peas as raw material,The industry's top biotechnology extraction and separation,Can save the peas
The functionality of the protein,Keep the pea protein natural color and flavor,Do not use the add any chemicals...

Big health product

Mung bean protein powder | Pea protein powder series | Shaping a milkshake | Generation of shake


The company mission:With good nutrition,Protect our healthy life!